6 Questions for Ming Duan of Umee By Cointelegraph

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6 Questions for Ming Duan of Umee

This week, our 6 Questions go to Ming Duan, the co-founder and chief operating officer of Umee, a cross-chain DeFi hub that allows decentralized interactions between different blockchains.

Ming Duans knowledge of the crypto and blockchain world goes back to 2014 when she initially learned about the emerging industry through the first-ever blockchain course taught at a business school. Since then, she has developed extensive crypto investment knowledge through hands-on practice. Duan brings unique insight to Umee, having experience as both a crypto investor and builder in the ecosystem. Her goal for Umee is to build a platform where individuals can interact with different tokens and chains all in one place. While propelling Umee forward, Duan leads crypto investments at Argonautic Ventures and Fenbushi Capital. She graduated from Duke University and received her Master of Business Administration degree in 2016.

1 What is the main hurdle to mass adoption of blockchain technology?

2 From smart contracts to DApps to NFTs to DeFi, we have seen so many of the next killer apps for crypto, but none have really taken off just yet. What will stick?

3 What are the top five Crypto Twitter (NYSE:) feeds you cant do without, and why?

4 Which two superpowers would you most want to have, and how would you combine them for good or evil?

5 Whats the thing on your bucket list that is most unlikely to happen?

6 Where do you stand on alien intelligence and the existence of life elsewhere in the universe?

A wish for the young, ambitious blockchain community:

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