Binance reportedly halts crypto derivatives service in Spain By Cointelegraph

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Binance reportedly halts crypto derivatives service in Spain

Binance stands as one of the most persistent crypto exchanges when it comes to gaining regulatory approval and operational licenses from regulators across the world. In this effort to operate as a fully licensed financial institution, the exchange has stopped offering its crypto derivatives services in Spain as it reportedly awaits approval from the Spanish regulator, Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV).

As evidenced by Binance’s official Spanish website, the crypto exchange removed the derivatives drop-down menu, which is still available on the global version. According to local news publication La Información, the move to hide derivatives offering in Spain comes as a way to comply with the requirements set by CNMV, known as the National Securities Market Commission.

Navigation menu on Binance Spanish (top) and global (bottom) versions. Source: Binance
Active derivatives portal on Binance Spain version. Source: Binance