Freedom Squares NFT Collection Converts Zelensky’s Words Into Aid For Ukraine By DailyCoin

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Freedom Squares NFT Collection Converts Zelensky’s Words Into Aid For Ukraine

Freedom Squares is a brand new NFT collection which aims to raise funds for a couple of well-known relief organizations working in Ukraine. It has been accumulated that over $100 million has already been donated to Ukraine in NFTs and cryptocurrency since the beginning of invasion in February. However, help is still very much needed.

President’s Words Materializing into Financial Aid

On the 1st of March, Kharkiv’s Freedom Square was bombed by Russian army and that’s when President Volodymyr Zenelsky announced: ‘Every square today, no matter what it’s called, is going to be called Freedom Square, in every city of our country’.

Freedom Squares NFT is an idea of John Pleasants, the CEO of Brava Home. He got the idea after hearing President Zelensky’s speech. Mr. Pleasants said it would likely be a spiritually uplifting thing for people to map all of the most important squares, while turning them into NFTs can provide significant financial aid.

Upcoming Public Sale Event to Raise Over $2 Million

The Freedom Squares NFT collection will consist of 6,468 pieces of non-fungible tokens. The collection represents 1,617 city squares of Ukraine in four different designs. In addition, a person who manages to collect all four different styles, will receive a bonus one, the Guardian version, by airdrop.

This public sale event should begin on 10th of May and one piece should cost 0.1 ETH ($295). Freedom Squares intends to raise 755 ETH minimum, which is about $2.2 million.

The raised funds will go to CORE and World Central Kitchen, two American organizations providing huge relief in Ukraine. The NFT collection will also help raise awareness of the suffering communities. Beforehand, Pleasants pointed out that Web 3.0 could make a huge impact in the preservation of democracy.

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