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BTC Marching Towards $40K Levels After The $28K Dip
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The long-awaited day finally came on Oct. 19 as the first (BTC) exchange-traded fund (ETF) went live on the New York Stock Exchange, thrusting the crypto asset into the limelight across mainstream news outlets and alternative media alike.

Despite the fact that the ETF in question will hold no actual Bitcoin and is instead a futures-based instrument, investors and pundits across the ecosystem have largely hailed its launch as proof that Bitcoin has hit the big leagues and will soon surpass the coveted $100,000 price target.

BadgerDAO Bitcoin yield offerings. Source: BadgerDAO
Bitcoin-related pools on Trader Joe. Source: Trader Joe
Bitcoin-related pools on Raydium. Source: Raydium
Bitcoin-related pools on PancakeSwap. Source: PancakeSwap