Minecraft Developers Release Petition Against Gaming NFTs, Collecting Just 72 Signatures By DailyCoin

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Minecraft Developers Release Petition Against Gaming NFTs, Collecting Just 72 Signatures

Tensions are rising between game developers and crypto enthusiasts slowly but surely.

‘Climate Replay’, a collective formed from core developers of Minecraft’s Mojang Studios, have initiated an NFT pledge, stating the supposed risks and dangers of NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

The main arguments presented by the developers in this NFT petition include:

  • Play-to-earn games are not healthy for the gaming community. The popularity of such games, where players are able to complete tasks and fulfil quests in order to receive crypto, are increasing rapidly. The makers of this petition argue that playing games should be fun and not become work.
  • Cryptocurrency hacks and scams expose the gaming industry to security issues. Axie Infinity’s Ronin Bridge scam is one of the most notorious recent acts, totalling $600 million in losses for the gamer community.
  • Huge environmental costs of crypto mining. Climate Replay claims that blockchain technology consumes a tremendous amount of electricity. However, Ethereum’s blockchain is already working on leaving significantly less carbon footprint and the system is planned to be upgraded by the end of August 2022.

IT Industry Shows Little to No Interest in the Pledge

A representative of Climate Replay, Cory Scheviak said ‘Our hope is that we can spread this around the industry and get as many companies and individuals as possible to sign’. Despite releasing the anti-NFT pledge last Monday, Climate Replay only managed to scrape together 72 signatures.

In conclusion, it looks like the immediate backlash from game developers against in-game NFTs is rapidly diminishing, and not many gaming industry specialists share the same opinion as the Minecraft developers. A number of modern-day entrepreneurs like Jeff Danley even see NFTs as something of an inevitability for the future of gaming.

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