People Must Be Able to Monetize Their Own Data: Entrepreneur By CoinQuora

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People Must Be Able to Monetize Their Own Data: Entrepreneur
  • Founder of Nicco Global, Richelle, believes people must be able to monetize their own data.
  • Nicco team has constructed several MVPs for its digital ecosystem and smart apps.
  • Nicco aims to create a winning economical design for both trade and consumers.

Words like “blockchain” and “crypto” tend to intimidate the general public. And the impressive Richelle Nicols, Founder, CEO and President of Nicco Global, seems to understand this better than anyone. “We don’t necessarily lead by talking about things like blockchain and digital currency,” said the young entrepreneur while speaking to CoinQuora at the Trescon World Blockchain Summit.

When asked about the importance of blockchain in the working of her venture, Richelle had a lot to say. “There’s a couple of different ways that we work with Blockchain. We look at the benefits of it. So one of the things that we do with Blockchain is for people’s apps that they have, it all kind of centers around a personal ledger, that is collecting their own personalized data and their transactions and their identity.”

From ecosystem to ecosystem, people can take data, using Blockchain, and be able to go into all these ecosystems and leverage their own assets. And they can really own data in these ecosystems.

Richelle believes that people should have the ability to monetize their own data. She goes on to say that in businesses today, data is a commodity, an incredibly valuable commodity at that. She also further stated that this was what Nicco Global was doing: helping users regain control of their data. “And everywhere people go with the Nicco app, they are able to take that asset (data) with them and monetize it.”

Richelle created Nicco Global in 2019. Nicco Global provides enterprise clients with real-time unique data gathered through its secure digital ecosystem and smart app/wallet framework. The Nicco App core is its “digital wallet” feature which acts as a personal ledger for all transactions, instant and high-volume with the ability to be funded by existing as well as new payment methods.

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