The overthrow of crony capitalism By Cointelegraph

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Bitcoin’s Velvet Revolution: The overthrow of crony capitalism

If Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels were somehow transported to the present day and given a newspaper, the apparent lack of class conflict would probably make the revolutionaries think they’d won. They would see a society split on all manner of subjects — from identity politics to the correct COVID-19 strategy — but virtually silent on the eternal struggle between labor and capital, the oppressors and the exploited.

How different it would be if they’d returned just 10 years ago when the Occupy movement was in full swing, with tent cities springing up in protest against crony capitalism, corporate greed and a reckless, out-of-control financial sector. A decade on, the same problems persist, but they’ve become a barely discernible background hum amid the roiling, raging culture wars.

Nik Oraevskiy is a co-founder of Reserve. Nik has been in Bitcoin since 2012 and has worked with wallet and exchange startups in North America, helping to develop and lead their strategic visions. He was also involved with international finance and fund management in Liechtenstein before starting down the brokerage path with Bitcoin Reserve, with the goal of bringing smart Bitcoin-buying to the whole of Europe.