Headwinds Turn Solana Lower After Chasing High Mark

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SOL/USD has traded lower in early market action this morning, after hitting solid short term highs the past two days the cryptocurrency faces a struggle.


SOL/USD is trading below the 45.0000 level as of this writing with its typical fast conditions. Solana was able to provide bullish traders with upside movement the past two days and challenged the 48.2500 vicinity on the 30th and 31st of May, but headwinds have settled into the broad market for many of the major digital assets as potential profit takes an effect.

While SOL/USD was able to demonstrate a rather solid incremental climb the past handful of days, the cryptocurrency still remains within the lower part of its long term price range. Solana remains dangerously close to its prices of August 2021. Most other major cryptocurrencies plunged through their August and July prices of 2021 a few weeks ago, when massive selling hit the digital assets, but SOL/USD has been able to remain above these ratios.

The move higher the past few days has been encouraging for bullish traders, but because SOL/USD remains so close to its August 2021 prices, skeptics may still believe further room can be explored lower.  The broad cryptocurrency market remains within its bearish trend, a few days of positive trading may be the start of a strong reversal higher, but it may prove to only be a vacuum sucking people in who are optimist and preparing to cost them money if the downturn picks up momentum again.

If SOL/USD were to fall below the 44.0000 price short term, this would be a poor indicator.  Rather important support lurks near the 43.0000 level and if bearish selling suddenly shows price velocity this could prove to be a rather negative signal for Solana. On the 27th of May SOL/USD was trading below the 41.0000 level momentarily. If market conditions in the broad market remain caught in a downturn, SOL/USD has the ability to fall to lows not tested since July of 2021.

SOL/USD is a fast mover.  Speculators need to use their full array of risk management when trading Solana, including entry price orders, take profit and stop loss tactics. SOL/USD was able to show some optimistic results the past few days, but a reversal lower would not be a surprise at this time with a re-test of lows seen only a handful of days ago when Solana traded below 41.0000.

Solana Short-Term Outlook

Current Resistance: 45.6200

Current Support: 44.3000

High Target: 56.0600

Low Target: 42.2700


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