Resumption of Selling Takes Avalanche Lower Again

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AVAX/USD continues to see downward pressure and its price is lingering near the lower part of its long term value.


AVAX/USD as of this writing is slightly above the 23.50000000 level. Avalanche continues to demonstrate downward momentum like many of its major counterparts in cryptocurrency. On the 22nd of November 2021, AVAX/USD was trading near the 135.00000000 vicinity. Avalanche enjoyed a terrific honeymoon in 2021 and was considered one of the new digital assets with a bright future. As of this writing it is the 15th largest cryptocurrency regarding market capitalization.

However most of the positive glimmer of AVAX/USD has lost its shine and the digital asset is now traversing support levels that are dangerous. AVAX/USD is still above its lows from July of 2021 and its ability to maintain some support is intriguing, but the ‘intrigue’ technically can be perceived to be negative. On the 27th of May AVAX/USD traded near the 21.25000000 juncture, this was below the price it hit on the 12th of May when Avalanche momentarily spiked to a low of 22.30000000 approximately.

The negative trend in AVAX/USD mirrors the price action of its major counterparts, but its relatively new shelf life since it really only became a full trading digital asset in many respects during 2021 leaves room for consideration.  The reason for this is because technically if AVAX/USD were to break below the 20.00000000 value and suddenly find that it is testing mid-August 2021 prices it could spark additional nervous selling.

If the 19.00000000 were to be tested in the near term and AVAX/USD continues to experience nervous selling sentiment, it could open the door for a test of values seen in July of 2021 which were under 10.00 USD. Speculators who choose to wager with selling orders on AVAX/USD should keep their ambitions realistic. Before AVAX/USD touches July 2021 prices, it obviously would need to break below August 2021 values. A loss of an additional 50% of value in Avalanche does looks potentially possible, but the broad cryptocurrency market could reverse higher before that happens and the 10.00000000 may never be seen again. Rome was not built in a day, nor was it destroyed in a day.

AVAX/USD remains volatile and it moves with sudden bursts of energy that all speculators need to be prepared to manage. If AVAX/USD remains negative and the broad cryptocurrency market stays in a selling mode near term, new short term lows may be seen and this perception may entice speculators who believe the bearish trend will remain in effect.

Avalanche Short-Term Outlook

Current Resistance: 24.32000000

Current Support: 22.76000000

High Target: 26.73000000

Low Target: 19.18000000


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